Enhancing Collective Memory Practices

This line of work involves a multi-study investigation towards designing interactive objects to support and enhance family memory practices. Read more in my 5 page summary, prepared for GROUP'16 doctoral consortium!

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Pulling Together a Patchwork Reality

Understanding the practices, values, and goals of "memory keepers", as they steward the memory artifacts and stories of their families

Understanding Memory work,Ubicomp 2014 Workshop Poster

Curating Sentimental Artifacts, GROUP 2016, "Curating an Infinite Basement"

image of a frog shaped stuffed toy

Capturing Childhood Memories (with David Merritt)

A fun collaboration exploring how to leveraging ubicomp technologies to support parent's creation and curation of audio memories of their children. ~this work also inspired the Kurator project! on the efficacy of crowd+machine systems to help families satisfactorily complete highly subjective selection tasks with large volumes of content.

CHI'15 Workshop, "KidKeeper: Capturing Childhood Memories in a Smart Home" in Smart Homes 4 Life Workshop

CSCW'17 Paper, "KidKeeper: Design for capturing audio mementos of everyday life for parents of young children"

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Pinterest (with Robin Brewer)

A proposal for the design of a platform, using reminiscing as an incentive and interaction mechanism, that invites and enables older adults to connect online with younger generations of their family on social media.

CSCW 2015 Poster, "Pinteresce"

Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare is an area of where pervasive computing is highly problematic. Although digitization and computing holds great potential for improving workflow, enhancing patient experience, etc.-- the social processes and emotional work involved complicate the design space, (and technologies at work complicate the social!) making sociotechnical studies all the more valuable.

drawing of a woman taking care of a child in bed

Supporting BMT Caregivers (with Liz Kaziunas, et al)

Understanding the information needs of parent caregivers of children undergoing bone marrow transplants

CSCW 2015,"Transition and Reflection in the Use of Health Information"

CHI'14 Workshop, "Empathic Memory in Healthcare: Design challenges supporting sentimental work and emotional labour"in Enabling Empathy in Health and Care workshop

image of nurses office

Nurses on the Frontline

Understanding the role of school nurses in low-resource communities with limited access to healthcare

CHI'14 Workshop, "Empathic Memory in Healthcare: Design challenges supporting sentimental work and emotional labour"in Enabling Empathy in Health and Care workshop

Disability and Body Politics in Pervasive Computing

This collection of studies are part of my ongoing attempt to understand the diverse embodied experiences people have living in increasingly pervasive technology environments

a Nokia Phone

Disability in ICTD

In this ethnographic study, I collected stories and experiences from people with visual and mobility impairments living in Sierra Leone, and asked them about the role of technology in their daily lives. There was an intriguing narrative about the role and impact of technology use in a social context, interwoven with threads of aspiration, empowerment, and access.

ICTD 2015 Paper,"Counteracting Dampeners" w/Joyojeet Pal

ICTD 2015 Note, "Assistive Technologies and Autonomy in a Cyborg World" w/Priyank Chandra

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Design & Health in Architecture

This critical analysis of the idea of "interactive architecture" started as part of a yearlong research project with Architecture professors Robert Adams and Joy Knoblauch. I used the idea of "malleable architecture" to argue for interactivity becoming part of the accessibility infrastructure necessary to enable architecture to embrace the expanding diversity of bodies, especially considering the context of augmentation by assistive and wearable health technologies

Design Prospectus (2014), "Embracing a Diversity of Bodies in Design and Health"

CHI'14 Workshop, "Design and Health in Interactive Architecture" in Interaction and Architectural Spaceworkshop

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